School Programs

Our Chess for Success programs have been taught In West Los Angeles Schools since 2000.

Our Mission:

To teach children the joy of focus, and the passion for strategy.
To support parents in preparing their children to work creatively, to develop self-motivation, self-confidence and perseverance.


Chess4SuccessLA is dedicated to bringing the game of chess to children, providing lessons for students 4-16 years of age.

Children who learn chess show improvements in mathematics, reading, spatial awareness, visualization, focus, social skills and much more.

Our lessons are tailored for beginner to advanced students.

Children learn through play!

Chess for Success is a comprehensive program to Improve academic skill and self-esteem. Students in the Chess for Success Program learn to play chess and:

  • Increase attention span
  • Learn to think critically
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Recognize patterns
  • Train ability to concentrate
  • Learn patience and poise
  • Develop positive attitude

Chess4SuccessLA offers two types of chess programs at your school:

  1. Critical Thinking Classes: chess is taught during the regular school day as part of the math class curriculum. At the present time we teach all kindergarten and first grade students in a successful program that has been going for the past twenty years.
  2. After-school chess classes: 1- or 2-hour class, one or two days per week.