About us

Meet the Director/Teacher of Chess4SuccessLA:


Ivona Jezierska, Women’s FIDE Master, teacher and an active player for more than 30 years, started playing chess when she was eleven years old in her native Poland, and became a professional competitor at the age of fourteen. At fourteen years old, she moved from Cieszyn, her family’s hometown, to Warsaw to represent a prestigious Polish chess club “Polonia Warszawa”.

In 1980, she immigrated to the United States and became a member of the U.S. Olympic Team, which played in Greece in 1984 and in Dubai in 1986. She was a top contender in several U.S. Women’s Chess Championships.

In the late 1990’s Ivona developed “Chess for Success,” a comprehensive chess learning program to improve academic skills and self-esteem for Southern Californian children.

Ivona’s warmth and natural rapport with children make learning and playing in tournaments an experience that while challenging is great fun for all. Her students range from K – 12. The program is designed to stimulate the mind through the art and sport of playing chess. Students learn problem solving techniques, the importance of strategy and tactics and improve academic performance.

Each Summer Ivona holds chess camp with intensive playing, practice tournaments, and problem solving. Beginners learn all the basics and advanced players move to the next level.

As A Tournament Director and Organizer Ivona brings excitement to all the events
that she directs. With raffles, refreshments, and special themes these are great
events for children and their families.